Friday, April 23, 2010

The BMW concept X6 active hybrid announced to be released by 2009

Dubbed as a sports endeavor sports car by BMW, the BMW X6 is a mixture of a luxury SUV, which has a novel automated transmission capability. This mid-size luxury sports car was supplied to the promote by the second quarter of 2008. With its giant veer and tires, it can course thru any weather and has a high ground clearance while still possessing the sloping roof of a classic BMW sports car.

The BMW X6 shares the same platform with the BMW X5. The X5 and the X6 are both made and assembled at Spartanburg, South Carolina. Compared to the X5, the BMW X6 can only seat as many as up to four passengers although it is somewhat longer and wider. The Frankfurt car show in Germany released an thought model for the X6 a year earlier than its official release in 2008. The official debut of the BMW X6 was held at the Montreal comprehensive vehicle show and the Detroit international auto show. In the said auto shows in 2008, a statement was made by BMW referring to its release of a hybrid version of the X6. The BMW concept X6 active hybrid was published to be released by 2009.

The gas engine versions of the BMW X6 gets use from twin turbo charged engines. A 4.4 litre twin- turbo charged V8 engine is available for the XDrive50i which is a top of the line model. The V8 engine used is basically the first turbocharged V8 engine in the world that places the turbochargers between the V sections of the two banks of cylinder. Another engine model, the X6 Drive35i draws power from a 3.0 liter twin-turbo charged inline-six gasoline engine. The asserted engine is employed in the BMW 1, 3, and five series respectively. Diesel versions of the engines for the X6 are also available.

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