Saturday, June 26, 2010

Caddy Lite Golf Plus GPS

* Simply download the map of the course you are about to play then, using the very latest GPS technology
* Caddy Lite will tell you all the relevant distances you need to know
* Using GPS technology gives supreme accuracy and measurements to all of the hazards on the golf course
* Automatically provide you with the distances you need on each and every hole
* Distance to the front of the green you are playing
* Automatically detect which hole you are on and give you the distances you need when you need them
* Includes 1 complimentary Golf Course map
* Large numeric display which is easily visible
* More than 3200 Caddy Maps to choose from
* Store up to 10 maps at a time
* Bag Attachment and Clip
* Leatherette Case
* Mains Charger
* USB Lead
* Dimensions: 12cm x 5.5cm x 2cm

Product DescriptionYour Caddy Lite will automatically give you the distances you need for each hole. Your Caddy Lite displays (at the top of the line) distance from the front of the green even if you’re playing. . . More > >

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