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Audi V10 R8

Audi V10 R8 Of course you want to know just who on earth goes out and buys a over $ 100,000 supercar in the midst of a recession. I also wonder, as the 518bhp Audi V10 rises after its peak power at 8,500 rpm and deliver. I clack the paddle wheel for the third gear in the coming weeks and look angular velocity wet for me.
Audi R8
Audi V10 R8
“Oh, the bankers, the city types, celebrities, the usual suspects,” said a PR Audi when I put the question a few months ago. Anyone with the means, frankly. Mostly men aged 48-50, with a lot of money and some other cars, according to the synopsis of Audi. They love skiing, golf, sailing and cycling.

People who can afford to spend thousands customize your R8s, that’s who. Audi Buyers same cost of 500 pounds for the privilege of taking the car factory in Neckarsulm, Germany.

They are something of an endangered species these days, of course, although Audi says more than 960 deposits for this car in the UK, with deliveries starting next year. But the Audi is not recession, as others do. Last year, it sold a record number of cars and hopes that in 2009, its centennial. If Rupert Stadler, chief executive of Audi, was asked how his company was preparing for the collapse last fall, he replied: “We have heard, so we had a board meeting and thoroughly discussed and decided not to participate. ”

Out on a Pass Rhonda in southern Spain has R8 bravely dealing with the ball ting rain. Why do not you? Four-wheel drive, fat tires and traction systems and electronic stability control of such plant 1.6 ton beast in the middle of the road as if painted on the surface.

Audi R8 We did this car already? Let me recap. Budget supercar from Audi was launched with a V8 engine of the RS4 sedan example, two years ago. Although similar to the Lamborghini Gallardo in the configuration (mid-mounted engine, Space Frame extruded aluminum), the Audi is a different car, based on the Le Mans concept, shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2003, which also happened to have a Audi V10 engine. The phenomenal success, selling 450 in 2007, during the first year on sale in the UK and 836 behind. This is a new and additional versions, with the same engine of 5.2 liter V10 engine as the Gallardo (Lamborghini belongs to Audi), but different ignition and fuel mapping.

It is wet on the electromagnetic dampers are connected to its pin down, or the gearbox in sport. With the roads so slippery, you smoothly through corners and ring with the big checks.

It is in contrast to the weight of the car on the first climb in. The disk dump the tires, the motor racing against the clutch and the brakes feel reassuring than captivating. Head into the dual carriageway outside the hotel, and the R tronic automatic box, simply browse through the rain, you get to see what all the fuss is about.

The R8 swishes stylish yet subtle way through the center of Marbella. Under 2000 rpm the engine only murmurs and provoked a transmission stumps unnecessarily switching or external engine roars and blips. This is the R8 stealth mode, silently sailing on Spanish roads, there is no attention to itself.

It gives you the opportunity to admire the beautiful countryside, and, starting with the places that are comfortable and elegant standard form, with the complete alignment and good lateral support. You can blow £ 1565 in some places running Nappa leather and find your shoulders forward so uncomfortable that you can not reach the gearshift. You can also splurge £ 435 on the Audi exclusive window trim, or £ 1575 for the entire boat line in Alcantara suede false. The option price is scary and that is before the ceramic brakes £ 6995, £ 1270 piano-black finish inlays or side plates 1470 pounds of carbon – the panels ugly afterthought behind the doors.

That stand in your book is a nice car, roomy cabin, decorated with great care and skill, with a reasonable amount of luggage space behind the seats and a large boat under the hood. Progress Audi V10 receives £ 10,000 worth of bits that are only options in V8.

The devices use the same fonts and styles as Audi smaller, but because they are so easy to get, why change? Ditto borrowed switching equipment, which makes the job so well, that would be rude to complain. So let’s be rude. The backlight darker panel comes from the Audi TT, which are also half rheostat to adjust the headlights. Since the R8 has adjustable LED or Xenon headlamps, a key part is stripped out with an ugly piece of plastic. One wonders if this would have happened if Dr. Ferdinand Piech still runs the company. With the manual version, there is a shift between the separate natural leg of the driver and the clutch pedal, which can be uncomfortable for larger drivers.

Around 3000 rpm the engine up. Opening the exhaust valves on twitter and drown the engine of his mustache. The 4000 rpm, the exhaust are sounding the load and torque burns almost perfect road car. The Bobs and weaves chassis and steering previously dull start to prove their worth. Super accurate, it seems that this is directly connected to the windshield, so any small movement of the wheel moves the picturesque view left or right. The standard wheel rim is a fine precision instrument, helped of course by mid-engine layout. By keeping the masses in the vicinity of the center, the Audi V10 R8 is rapidly changing direction, which is partly why race cars use the same configuration.

But high-performance mid-engined cars are suitable for the driver the impression that he was tied to the nose of a huge rocket invented by a mad genius. These cars have a reputation for throwing himself living back off the road. In this context, the R8 telegraph their intentions and unexpected brake handles better than most. He leans over the front tire out gently at first, but more difficult if you ignore the warning signs. However, when we turned a corner in a fair lick wet and found the road was full of snow, the cabin filled with some of the best words. I would like to say that I have the R8-caught in a slide of elegance and daring breathtaking. Not me. Caught, and that is exactly what not to do under the circumstances, and the fine chassis dynamics to control the stability of the R8’s magic and electronics prevented us persist, Thelma and Louise style, from the edge of a cliff.

The brakes, which received much criticism in the V8 model, the feeling that they are very spongy at first, but heavy use bright, powerful and easy to modulate, without activating the anti-lock system. The only complaint is that the pedal is mounted too high.

In almost all speeds, there is a strange feeling that the back of the car does all the work. The smooth ride seems to be full of the rear wheel, almost as if the fronts of a very different piece to run on asphalt was found. For the record, this is one of the few super cars I ever drove could cope with the sleep police, even pot holes and washboard ripples. The electronically adjustable dampers can be frozen, if you want your marble or a plan to attack one type of loose track, but in normal mode you can cover huge mileages in the Audi with few adverse effects. Well, you can as long as you spice up your right foot with a tank of 19.8 liters of the Audi has a nominal range of approximately 400 miles (643 km) – they are there and you will complete all 250 miles (402 km ) or worse.

Another wet 50 miles (80 km) in a sister car enough to confirm the R8 manual is an entirely different character, mainly because of what you can do with the right foot. Clicks change the gate with an action, nice, highly evolved infinite torque motor, the tires, but a range of products of cremation in all art forms. This makes a very nice, but even with all security enabled, the R8 manual wagging his tail like an eager spaniel in the wet. If you think you will enjoy it, then this is the car for you.

So now that I think will buy the V10 supercar engine? After long and arduous conducted throughout the day, the best answer I can give to someone who appreciates what is probably the highlight of the results of today’s engineering of the engine. Audi says that some of its customers waiting for the road test before committing to this new version of the R8. Well, go ahead is your lucky golf, skiing, 48-year olds. Fast, stable, beautiful, rare and desirable, the Audi V10 R8 really good. I just wish I was your number.


Price/availability: £99,575 manual, £104,665 with R tronic sequential shift. Available to order now for delivery next spring.

Engine/transmission: 5,204cc, 90-degree V10 petrol with twin camshafts per bank, four valves per cylinder and variable cam timing; 518bhp at 8,000rpm and 391lb ft of torque at 6,500rpm. Six-speed manual or R tronic robotised six-speed manual with sequential shifting, rear-wheel drive.

Performance: top speed 196mph (R tronic 187mph), 0-62mph in 3.9sec (4.6sec), EU Urban fuel consumption 12.5mpg (13.6mpg), CO2 emissions 351g/km (327g/km).
Audi R8
“Audi R8″
Audi R8
Audi R8
Audi R8
Audi R8
Audi R8
Audi R8


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