Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Bmw x6

Bmw x6 Today was the long-awaited premiere of one of the most anticipated vehicles this year – a concept BMW X6. This crossover with the silhouette coupé launch new compact SUV class called SAV (Sport Activity Vehicle), which means “a sports car for active lifestyles.”

Presentation Model X6 place in the international automobile exhibition in Frankfurt.
Bmw x6

According to Boss BMW designer Chris Bengla (Chris Bangle) for a good concept in the serial model requires very little time. “And, without a doubt, the new X6 falls in that category.

Designer Pierre Leclair (Pierre Leclercq), which owes its car appearance, said that X6″ is a sports car, a BMW spirit.

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BMW X6 Wallpaper

BMW X6 Cross-Over SUV Coupe

Bmw x6 Pictures

Bmw x6 İmages

Bmw x6 2010

Bmw x6 2010 M Engine

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