Wednesday, June 16, 2010

MITSUBISHI LANCER EX-performance low-key performance to create the King

MITSUBISHI LANCER EX photo shows the appearance of picture

Hangzhou Motor Show, with the first Mitsubishi LANCER EVOLUTION (Lancer (configuration parameters Gallery) Lu Yi-hao God) China debut owners indicates that this legendary sports car Mitsubishi began selling in China. With the big star LANCER EVOLUTION (Lu Hao Lancer wing of God) on the stock exchange of the hubbub different, at the just-ended show of Canton Mitsubishi Motors announced the listing of another performance car LANCER EX (Lancer EX) seems a lot of low-key. Mitsubishi Motors in the global market, LANCER EX (Lancer EX) are absolutely a heavyweight of global strategic model.

Outstanding quality, leading the intermediate import car market

Heritage of Mitsubishi Motors for many yearssuperb quality, a new generation of LANCER EX (Lancer EX) Mitsubishi Motors is shouldering a prestigious global strategic models, can be seen in the global automotive market, an important strategic position. And since 2007 has been listed in overseas markets, LANCER EX (Lancer EX) really did not let us down, not only set a global sales of more than 190,000 good sales to Taiwan, but also has been widely praised, repeated access to the international award-winning – by the U.S. AutoPacific rated the 2008 model year were most satisfied with the (compact car), while Russias 2008 Car of the Year (C-seg sector) Laurel. LANCER EX (Lancer EX) from Mitsubishi Motors has a campaign descent evolved LANCER perfect inherited history LANCER excellent quality, intermediate imports into Chinas car market, will become the strength can not be sent.

Supreme performance, driving pleasure demonstrate movement

A new generation of LANCER EX (Lancer EX) located in the mid-level sport sedan, the look and high-level sports car Mitsubishi LANCER EVOLUTION (Lu Hao Lancer wing of God) is spirit likeness and platform sharing, but LANCER EVOLUTION (Lancer wing God Lu Hao ) of high-profile publicity, compared to describe the use of hidden LANCER EX (Lancer EX) seems more appropriate, seemingly quiet exterior contains the surging momentum. A new generation of LANCER EX (Lancer EX) There are four models, respectively, with a new development 2.0L/2.4L 16-valve DOHC MIVEC inline 4-cylinder aluminum engine, known as the golden displacement of 2.0L cars Type the maximum power of 113kW (154PS) / 6000rpm, maximum torque of 198Nm / 4250rpm; 2.4L models to achieve maximum power is 125kW (170PS) / 6000rpm, maximum torque of 226Nm / 4100rpm, dynamic performance was especially outstanding. Full-line models are used INVECS-III CVT6 speed sport mode CVT, with the engine performance, speed up the smooth, rapid fierce. At the same time, the standard models were all picks shift rod, adding sports car-like driving pleasure.

Security environment, the election of a new era of standards

The economic crisis in the global environment, dedicated to the production of energy-saving model has become a new trend in the automotive industry, a new generation of LANCER EX (Lancer EX) used a newly developed DOHC MIVEC 16-valve inline 4-cylinder aluminum engine, embedded in Mitsubishi classic MIVEC (variable valve timing and lift Electronic Control System) technology, while the role of the intake and exhaust system, through the appropriate adjustments to Valve Timing and valve lift so that engine in the high and low speed are to achieve maximum combustion efficiency, thereby enhancing the power output and reduce fuel consumption. At the same time, a new lightweight aluminum engine so that to reduce vehicle weight, is to ensure the power output of the powerful and effective in saving fuel consumption. It is also a brand new Mitsubishi Motors corporate slogan Drive @ earth the best interpretation.

Security, LANCER EX (Lancer EX) in the era of the same front-end collision safety has reached the 5-star European NCAP standards. RISE (anti-collision safety enhanced) body, the entire vehicle comes standard with two seats the driver and his assistant-style airbags, side airbags, knee airbag, 2.4L models are also equipped with side-curtain airbags, with adaptive headlamp system ( AFS), automatic lighting control, so that active and passive safety devices combine to form the LANCER EX (Lancer EX) a full range of security system.

In addition to the momentum of excellence and safety performance, ASC proactive stability control system (2.4L model), automatic air conditioning, keyless entry systems, traffic computer, multi-function display meter, electric sunroof, 18-inch aluminum alloy wheels and other high-end configuration also reflected the LANCER EX (Lancer EX) as an intermediate value of imported cars.

With the EVO essence, LANCER EX (Lancer EX) to a broader consumer class demonstrating a higher level of quality feel, more superior campaign performance and more lighthearted and casual style of driving. As a global strategic model popular overseas, LANCER EX (Lancer EX) of the charm of the storm approaching, more Chinese LANCER fans to enjoy this performance is about to bring the king of the sport dripping fun driving experience!

(Editor: Liu Li-meng)

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