Friday, May 20, 2011

BMW X1 xDrive23d SE Specifications And Pricing

At the forefront of many a mind at this precise moment will be the word ‘why?' Possibly prefaced by ‘Dear' and ‘God'. The X1 is the latest in an increasingly long line of confused and confusing BMW products. Much like the 5-Series GT, it demands a double take, just to work out exactly what you're looking at. Do you need glasses? Or does someone at BMW need medicating?

The whole soft-roader/crossover idea is hard to get your head around. Neither as good at being a car as a car, nor anywhere near as capable of SUV-ness as a proper SUV. It's a lifestyle statement, and that's a dubious concept whatever you're buying into: a novelty ringtone, a ‘wacky' hair cut. If something doesn't exist because it needs to, chances are it makes you look like a bit of tool. And the existence of a compact pseudo-SUV is a tough case to make.
BMW X1 xDrive23d SE £29,055

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