Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Electric car cheaper than ????$

A company from California it is very proud because of the new concept: an ecological car, in electric or hybrid version , cheaper than 30.000$. The cars were built in Aptera and the series models will be sold this year, first in the full-electric version and after that in hybrid version.


The full-electric car has an autonomy of 120 miles and can be charged at any plug in a few hours. The hybrid version consumes just 0,784 liters of combustible at 100 km walked, being equipped with a generator that runs on benzine and an electric engine.

Both versions are equipped with safety add-ons: zones of frontal deformation, steel for sideways and airbags for the driver and passengers.

The car runs only on three wheels and it has enough space for 2 adults and one child. The chair in the back, for the child, can be extracted if you want more space for sportive equipment or some bags from shopping.

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