Sunday, May 22, 2011

Vilner updates Smart Fortwo

The 2011 Smart Fortwo, despite all its trying, is a car that needs all the help it can get. True, a big part of the car's problem is that it just doesn't make very much sense for the American market. That said, it's underpowered, uninspiring to drive, terrifying on the highway, and not particularly efficient, given its size. It also features one of the worst transmissions in motoring.

Enter Vilner, a Bulgarian custom shop that has tried with some success to make the car just a little more appealing. Built for a Bulgarian businessman, the Vilner Smart Fortwo employs a design scheme the company has dubbed "square style."

Inside and outside the car gets a square motif, which translates nicely into a completely redone interior featuring quilted upholstery. Outside, the car gets loud, oversize orange wheels and serious amounts of chrome. While Vilner takes the styling of the Smart to a new, supercar-aping level, the go bits have been left alone. Despite the lack of power adders, Vilner's efforts have gone a long way to making the Fortwo a bit more appealing. Read the full press release and check out two videos after the jump.

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